The National Museum of Fine Arts is one of the oldest and most important cultural institutions in Brazil. It was inaugurated in 1938, but its collection arose in the transfer of the Portuguese Court to Brazil in the early 19th century, when King John VI brought along with him part of the Portuguese Royal Collection. This art collection stayed in Brazil after the King’s return to Europe. The museum building, which was built in 1908 as the headquarters of the National School of Fine Arts (and is listed as Brazilian national heritage), houses a particularly rich collection of 19th-century Brazilian paintings and sculptures. Although it has fallen somewhat into disarray since then, it is a wonderful place to learn about Brazilian art history, from the arrival of the Portuguese court in 1808 to contemporary times.

  • Approx. duration: 1-2hrs
  • Program fee: USD60,00*

*Program fees are are for private tours with groups of up to four people and include museum entrance tickets.  Tours for larger groups can be arranged for an additional fee of USD15,00 per person.

*Closed on Mondays