Santa Teresa is famous for its unique arquitecture, stunning views, bustling cultural life and variety of excellent restaurants. In adition, it is houses nearly 30 studios and twice as many artists working in a diversified production using different concepts and materials and offering a good sample of what is being done in contemporary Brazilian art. As such, Santa Teresa is considered by many to be the “carioca Montmartre”, in reference to the famous artistic neighborhood in Paris.

In this program we will visit artists in their studios, who will tell us about their work in their own words. We will also visit cultural centers and eat a traditional carioca lunch at one of the best restaurants of Santa Teresa.

  • Full day (8hrs): USD140,00*
  • Half day (4hrs): USD100,00*

*Program fees are are for private walking tours (up to 4 Km) with groups of up to four people and include museum entrance tickets.  Tours for larger groups can be arranged for an additional fee of USD25,00 (half day) or USD35,00 (full day)  per person.  Private transportation can also be arranged at an additional cost.