In 1808 the entire Portuguese court – exiled by Napoleon – moved to Brazil, making it the only European Capital ever to be outside of Europe. King Dom João proceeded to transform Rio, his new home, by fomenting its industry and stimulating its cultural life. With the fall of Napoleon in 2015, many renouned Bonapartiste French artists sought protection from the Portuguese monarch.  These artists came to Brazil in what became known as the French Mission in order to revolutionize the fine arts in Brazil and introduce academia to the country. This marked what the court saw as Brazil’s debut into civilization.

A few years later, their young pupils and the new emperor of Brazil saw in the country’s exuberant nature, exoticism and sublime landscapes the oportunity harness the Romantic Movement to foment national unity.

In this program you will se some of the masterpieces in painting, engraving, sculpture and architecture produced by teachers and students of the Imperial Academy of Arts.

  • Approx. duration: 2hrs
  • Program fee: USD60,00*

*Program fees are are for private tours with groups of up to four people and include museum entrance tickets.  Tours for larger groups can be arranged for an additional fee of USD15,00 per additional person.

*Not available on Mondays (museum closed)